About Jamie

Experience, Wisdom, and a Passion for Service

Jamie has been an entrepreneur and creator since he was a boy.  From 3-figure lemonade stands in the 1970's to a 4-figure curb painting business in the 1980's, he was born with a natural gift of finding opportunities and executing.  

His passion for entrepreneurship continued throughout his youth and eventually landed him at USC's world renowned Entrepreneurship Program.  There he graduated with honors, winning the coveted "Best Business Plan" award.  

His early years as an entrepreneur after graduation were his most formative years as he discovered valuable lessons of what "doesn't work" in business.  This resulted in his first major "failure" -- bankruptcy.  

But with this failure sprouted an important seed to future success as he went on to start Peace Pedalers, the world's first and only intercultural tandem mountain bike expedition around the world.  This 81-country tour attracted 40+ sponsors including Panasonic and was one of Jamie's BHAG's completed.  

On this global tour Jamie also began his journey as a social impact entrepreneur.  His philosophy of "Live Big, Give Big" led to the successful creation of numerous grassroots charity projects.  From delivering life-saving malaria medications by bike in East Africa to co-founding a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda to bringing fresh water to a struggling community in Bolivia, Jamie found ways live his passions of adventure travel and make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

Since completing the Peace Pedalers expedition Jamie has successfully founded, led, and sold two companies, Amber's RV Rentals (2012-2014) and LuDela (2015-2019).  

Jamie currently serves as Chief Visionary Officer working at the newly formed LuDela Technologies and is devoting a portion of his time to help aspiring leaders take their companies and lives to the next level.  

Jamie lives with this wife Cristina and three kids Luca, Candela and Sol in Bend, Oregon.

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